Lord. When have I ever needed you so much?
Who in their darkest hour would not seek the Lord?
Who would continue to stumble, trying stubbornly to fix their own life?
Who would go this route time and time again?

My hour is dark.
Pitch black.
But I will continue to seek the Lord.
I will be relentless in my pursuit of Him.
I will go after him every hour.
Even before I go to sleep, I will go to him.
I will request that he manage my dreams, and even to bless me by visiting me while I sleep—to reveal himself to me.

You must grasp the importance of all this.
Don’t continue to go it alone.
Don’t make the mistakes that countless others have made by trying to find the right way on their own, thinking that they are well equipped to solve their own problems.
No. Instead, seek the Lord. Go after him with much zest, much passion.

I am in pursuit of the Lord. It is only He that can help me.
I want to share more good news with you. Even while in the midst of my darkest hour, the Lord spoke to me early yesterday morning while I lay in my bed. He told me that when He begins a task, He always completes it. He never fails!

Now I have the strength to hang on. My God reminded me that He will help me – that He personally will send his Light bursting through soon.

So now you see why I am relentless in my pursuit of him.
I tell you that I will not stop going after Him. Ever! I will look to no one but my God.

by John Michael Forosisky