Lord, I have been in the driver’s seat of my life for a long time. I have taken many wrong turns, and have driven down the wrong roads, time after time. How foolish I have been to think that I could find my own way. Today, however, I can rejoice. Today, I want to tell the world that through you, Lord, I have discovered what I need to do. It is so simple that I just shake my head and wonder how I could have overlooked the truth, for so many years.

It is you, Lord, who is the Author of my life. How could I not have known that I didn’t need to take guess after guess as to which way I should turn, and where I should go? All along, you have been right there with me, ready to switch seats. I now realize, that all I had to do was to say, “Here, Lord, I want YOU to sit in the driver’s seat of my own life, and take the wheel. I will stay right up here with you, so that I can see where we are going, from right where I belong …the passenger’s side.”

by John Michael Forosisky