I would struggle to count the number of ways in which the Lord moved to help me. He did more than just help me, He rescued me!

I want to praise him again, for when I was in a horrible place-liken to a prisoner held in bondage, He extended his arm.

The Lord said, “Take my hand and I will lead you to a place called freedom. You need only reach out for my hand and you will find it, for my arm is stretched out to you, well within your reach. Just reach out for it.”

Oh, how wonderful it is …at long last, to be free. For I can even taste it, and it is good like sweet honey. It fills me.

Oh, how good it is for the chains to be off.

My wrists were once bleeding and my circulation was limited because of the terrible bondage I was in.

But no more!

My wounds have healed, and now I walk with the one who is the Lord. He is my Savior and my God!

How could I ever repay him for coming to my rescue when I was in horrible shape, even worse than I describe here?

While I can’t repay him, I will sing his praises and tell everyone who would listen how wonderful it is that the Lord has rescued me.

I feel light, almost like I could float away. This is because He, the Lord, has lifted my burdens.

Now I want to keep walking with him. I want him to be near me every step of the way. My soul longs for the day that He takes me to his home to dwell in his presence forever and ever.

by John Michael Forosisky